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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Nowhere is a holistic approach more important and necessary then in the area of weight loss. When the body is out of kilter, it is hard to maintain the balance of many systems including the endocrine (hormone) system, which has a profound effect on weight. Any imbalance within the system will have an effect on weight loss. Nutritional deficiencies are especially crucial as lack of nutrients can impede the body's ability to burn fat for energy.

An image we use is that of a lock that requires a series of numbers to be lined up in proper sequence for the lock to open. There are anywhere from 5-8 factors which must all be "lined up" in order for "lock of weight loss" to open. If all of these areas are not lined up or balanced weight loss becomes extremely difficult, despite one's best efforts at changing diet, exercise, etc.

We also utilize a scientifically researched and proven "fat loss program" (as contrasted with loss of water or lean muscle mass involved in many diets), which involves cleansing toxins and rejuvenation as well as fat loss. Since the body tries to contain toxins by surrounding them with fat, when toxins are effectively removed, fat is also pulled out at the same time. This system along with our holistic approach results in fast fat loss, with the additional benefits of increased energy and decreased appetite.

We are well aware of the "hype" surrounding so many of the latest weight loss "solutions". Our program has to be experienced to be believed.