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What is Cleanse for Life?

What is Cleanse for Life?

What is Cleanse for Life?

Cleanse for Life™ is a "Cleansing SuperJuice" that helps naturally accelerate the release of chemicals and impurities from your body. The Cleanse For Life™ SuperJuice is a Nutritional Cleansing System that you drink every day.

A cleansed and rejuvenated body is a stronger body that avoids illness and premature aging. It is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is contaminated with impurities, chemicals and parasites. Nothing can stimulate or promote weight loss more so than nutritional cleansing from the inside out—nothing! Releasing weight fast is simply an ancillary benefit of cleansing and that is exciting. When you drink 2 oz. each day you may experience:

  • Higher Energy
  • Greater Focus
  • Lost Weight and Inches
  • Vibrant Good Health
  • Increased Memory and Focus
  • A feeling of wellbeing you never thought possible

Three Powerhouse Ingredients

  1. Aloe Vera
    Low-temperature, spray-dried gel concentrated from the inner-heart fillet

    Based solely on its nutrient analysis Aloe Vera is an amazing cornucopia of nutrition containing all essential amino acids, unique enzymes not found in any other plant as well as vitamins, minerals, xanthones, antioxidants, chlorophyll, polysaccharides/polymannins, saponins and lignin.

    The Aloe Vera gel from the inner heart fillet represents extraordinary nutrition and results, backed by literally hundreds of studies. In fact there are many times more studies on Aloe Vera than all other exotic juices combined.

    3500 years of beneficial use have validated Aloe Vera’s wonderful benefits. There is no juice on earth that parallels the power of Aloe’s nutrient profile.
  2. Ionic Alfalfa
    From several ancient plant deposits, thousands of years old

    There are no other minerals like this on earth. Ionic Alfalfa & Ionic Minerals that are highly absorbable originating from ancient plants. These are minerals that are natural and organic just as they are in nature. Generally referred to as liquid gold. What they do inside you is unbelievable. No other company puts this in their formulas.
  3. Pau D’Arco
    Around the world it is referred to as Taheebo Tea or Lapacho.

    It is estimated that 85% of the North American Population are infested with parasites, some more than others.

    Pau D’ Arco is a very unique botanical originating from South America and used throughout the world now to help manage and control parasites, especially yeast or candida. It also helps to provide energy and focus.