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Sarah E.

For 17 years I have tried to live a normal life while suffering with severe vertigo; a condition that makes the simplest activities impossible. The cause was finally properly diagnosed this summer when I found Dr. Bien, and with an effective treatment plan that is also doable and affordable, I am now becoming well. Life is good (thanks to Dr. B).

Jessica S.

My entire family has been under the care of Dr. Bien and Dr. Mike since January 2016. They have helped us to heal from medical challenges that no other medical professional was ever able to fully address over the course of many years. Finding the Holistic Center truly changed our lives for the better in countless ways.

Melanie P.

Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Bien truly care for people out of the compassion of their hearts. I left their office in tears yesterday because of how grateful I am to finally be getting help and in a way that my body can handle. Traditional medical professionals have not had the compassion, wisdom, integrity, and humility that you both carry. I am so grateful and blessed to finally be getting the appropriate care to heal my body.

Nicole G.

Amazing work. I have been seeing Dr. Bien and Dr. Goldstein for over 5 years. They have helped me with everything including a long-standing lung infection (that no lung specialist in Boston could figure out), a virus in my heart as a result of the lung infection, a concussion (cleared within a month thanks to Dr. Goldstein) and emotional work after significant loss. They are the first people I turn to for everything and surpass "traditional" medical practices by far. They treat everyone they see like family and I am lucky to have found them so close to home.


I've been coming here for almost 13 years! Have been to other chiropractors but this dynamic duo will not disappoint! In fact, they will bring hope and comfort like I've never seen! I live a very physical life and they make it possible!

Barbara S.

More than i could ask for.. Intuitive, caring, very knowledgable, sincere, and offering so much more than other firms.

Harris B.

I started off skeptical at first and then witnessed the benefits brought to my family by the skills of Dr. Bien and Dr. Goldstein. After having a sudden injury, I was desperate for relief and sought treatment from these two caring people. Within a short period of time, they were able to diagnose the cause and origin of the pain and then methodically treat the symptoms and pain. Two nicer and caring health care professionals would be rare to find. Thank you so much!

Jane L.

Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Bien and Dr. Goldstein I was in constant pain and my body felt weak, fragile and stiff. Heating pads, ice packs and up to 12 Advil a day was a part of my normal routine. My results have been nothing short of miraculous. My aches and pains have disappeared, I stand taller and straighter, I feel stronger than I’ve felt in years and I haven’t had back pain or a spasm since I started seeing Dr. Bien.

Joan W.

Diagnosed Lyme Disease in my body while others said that i did not have the disease. I have complete trust in Dr. Bien and Dr. Goldstein.

Deb L.

Can't say enough about Dr. Bien. Last winter I started taking my 17 year old daughter for anxiety, depression and panic attacks. She was taking Zoloft and a med to help her sleep. I could see the downward spiral and it frightened me. A friend recommended Dr Bien. Today, my daughter is completely off those harmful meds, she sleeps much better and her panic attacks are few and far between. No more depression. Last winter she would not go into a store with me, afraid she would have a panic attack. This month she took a job in a retail store! I am amazed at the progress she has made. She tells me most mornings, "I feel really good today." Dr Bien gave her her life back.

Lina L.

I wish i had a thousand friends to advertise this truly healing place. Caring, thoughtful, knowlegeable, professional, and timely committed to YOU! Celebrating 25 successful years of practice this very week!

Deb S.

Congratulations on your milestone of 25 years of amazing chiropractic and holistic approach to “whole health” for your patients. I am very grateful and not sure I could have survived the past 24 ¾ years without your care and compassion.

Liz P.

Dr. Bien and Dr. Goldstein have totally changed my family's life and health. We can not thank you both enough for everything you do for us. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kimberley F.

Dr. Bien and Dr. Goldstein have changed our family's lifestyle and health. Thank you for everything you do for us.

Leslie W.

I highly recommend the Holistic Center at Bristol Square in Walpole, MA. The service and care is excellent.

Kathleen D.

Always a positive experience!

Lindsay S.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Bien are the best in their profession. Very caring and willing to give excellent advice to all patients. Very helpful to everyone. Great care and wonderful people.

Dave M.

I have worked with 3 other chiropractors in the last 11 years. They were all good but Dr. Goldstein is the very best. He uses a holistic approach to help with many problems and I am very thankful that I was recommended to him. He is a miracle worker and I tell everyone I know to use him. Another thing I love is he respects my time. I don't sit around for 20 to 30 minutes before I go into a treatment room. That was a situation that burned me up with some of the other chiropractors I had used.

Kate P.

We LOVE this place! and can't say enough good things about both Dr. Mike & Dr. Bien. We have 6 children with various health issues, from asthma to restless leg syndrome, and we have had excellent results since we began going. If you have a health issue that traditional doctors can't seem to "fix" ~ make an appointment. Your money will be well spent!!!

Richard H.

The most surprising thing to me about Dr. Mike’s and Dr. Bien’s methods is the speed with which their therapies take hold, something I had not encountered with most alternative practitioners. Dr. Mike's and Dr. Bien’s therapies encompass the swift recovery of allopathic medicine, but are far more comprehensive, individualized, and intelligent. The breadth of their knowledge and treatment options is astounding.

Mike B.

I can work freely now, and I can play a lot of golf. He's done a great job.

Mike D.

The difference with Dr. Mike is that he asks about your diet and exercise--something I would never have thought to be related to chiropractic health.


Since I've been coming, I feel amazing. I'm not taking Tylenol and Advil any longer, I don't have the severe pain, and I'm thinking clearly. I can't thank them enough for teaching me the way to a healthy path and helping me heal parts of my body.