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Pain and Injuries

Pain and Injuries

Neck, Back, Muscle, and Joint Pain

The major underlying cause of musculoskeletal conditions involves the muscles and associated ligaments and tendons. This happens when the muscles become too tight, knotted, shortened, develop adhesions, become hypertonic, etc. This causes pain, inflammation, and restricted ranges of motion.

Many patients come to our office after being diagnosed with some "condition" such as a herniated disc, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or arthritis. In many cases, proper treatment of the muscles and related soft tissue results in great improvement or even elimination of these conditions. In addition, we can often eliminate the need for surgery.

Our approach is different because we utilize the latest techniques for correcting musculoskeletal problems in the context of treating the whole person. We utilize Chiropractic to restore proper bone and joint motion, Applied Kinesiology to balance the muscles and Active Release Technique to break up the adhesions, Myofascial release to break-up trigger points, and a full Nutritional workup to make sure the musculoskeletal system is receiving the necessary nutrition.