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Our Practice

Celebrating over 25 years, the Holistic Center at Bristol Square is the only office from Maine to Northern Virginia with Certified NIS Practitioners.

The NIS method (Neurological Integration System) is a ground-breaking approach to healthcare management used around the globe. NIS identifies the underlying cause of complaints, ultimately resulting in the relief of symptoms!

  • Wellness Programs
  • Chiropractic
  • Clinical Nutrition / Homeopathy
  • Neurological Integration System

Healthcare Revolution

The 21st century is experiencing a major shift toward natural methods of healing. While conventional medicine has its part to play, very often a natural approach is far more effective and safer.

Nutritional Assessment

Proper nutrition is vital to health and more complicated than many realize, especially since individual needs vary greatly. We can pinpoint your specific nutritional requirements and also identify and eliminate allergies.


A meaningful doctor/patient relationship is crucial to the healing process. We work closely together in a very positive atmosphere. We also educate, enabling you to make informed decisions about your health.

Causes vs. Symptoms

There is a critical difference between causes and symptoms. Symptoms are only a warning that something deeper is wrong. The longer underlying causes go uncorrected, the greater the risk of developing more serious problems.

Individualized Treatment

Each person is like a unique jigsaw puzzle. We can put together the pieces of your puzzle, and thereby tailor our treatment to your specific needs.

Preventative Healthcare

We can discover and correct problems or imbalances in their early stages before they cause symptoms or show up on conventional lab testing. This is the essence of preventative healthcare.