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Meet the Doctors

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Rochelle Bien

Be Passionate About What You Do!

That’s always been Dr. Bien’s motto and how she lives her life as well as how she practices. Her dedication to her patients is one in which she takes tremendous pride in.

Dr. Bien’s journey into alternative health care began after a serious illness in which she was misdiagnosed and mistreated by the medical profession. At the urging of a close friend, she sought the services of a chiropractor. Once under care, she began to understand that by treating the cause of her problem, and not just the symptoms, that her body would heal and her health would be restored. She says to all those groups that she speaks to, “When I understood that basic concept, that was when my life was reborn”. It then drove her to become a chiropractor because she felt she needed to serve the profession that gave her life back to her.

She took that love and passion through her professional education and into the community where she has been a staunch advocate for natural health care approaches for many health conditions. She inspires her patients to become better health care consumers by providing them with information that allows them to make better choices for themselves and their families.

Dr. Bien is also a clinical nutritionist. She maintains a family practice with a specialty in women’s health issues, pediatrics, allergy related problems, and neurological issues relating to OCD, Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, and Autism.

Dr. Mike Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein enjoys athletics. He participated in athletics in his youth playing football, tennis, and baseball. While his competitive days have decreased he enjoys helping others perform on and off the field of play. He has completed an advanced post graduate program to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He has helped many individuals from professional and Olympic athletes and professional theatre entertainers to weekend warriors and youths of all ages recover from existing injuries and enhance their athletic and theatrical performance.

Dr. Goldstein has dedicated his study and practice over the course of his career towards the treatment of the “whole person”. Early on, Dr. Goldstein learned that most disease, illnesses, and injuries are due to “stress” of one kind or another. Those stressors can be physical, chemical, emotional, pathological, neurological, or hormonal.

He set his goals forth to learn everything he could about what stresses the body in the environment around us and continues to learn from his mentors that are leaders in their respective fields.

These leaders come from all areas of study including: chiropractic, medicine, and nutrition. Dr. Goldstein has put together various tools to evaluate and help treat individuals who suffer from a myriad of conditions. His advanced studies in neurology have helped him understand ground breaking information about how the brain and nervous system operate, which in turn have helped him improve the lives of his patients He utilizes chiropractic, specific nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications that are unique to the individual and their concerns.

By utilizing Neurological Integration Systems, Nutritional Response Testing, and Nutritional Cleansing as well as traditional chiropractic, it affords Dr. Goldstein the ability to offer his patients a wide array of answers to their health care issues that had remained unanswered. This allows his patients to increase their quality of life and knock down any boundaries in order to express their true health care potential.