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Balance in the Body: The Key to Everything

Balance in the Body: The Key to Everything

The Holistic Center at Bristol Square Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Achieving and maintaining optimal body balance is an inspiring accomplishment, but the big question is how?

May people thing this achievement would require a team of doctors and driving miles to meet with numerous specialists. The answer, however, is right in Walpole at the Holistic Center at Bristol Square. For the past 25 years, the Holistic Center has built and admirable reputation for providing exceptional chiropractic services, but approximately 15 years ago, owners Dr. Rochelle Bien and Dr. Michael Goldstein recognized the benefits and significance of a comprehensive health center and begin incorporating holistic services into their thriving practice.

"We started as chiropractors only addressing symptoms and enhancing nervous system function through spinal adjustments," Dr. Bien said. "As the years went on, we saw the need to address so many more health issues. As the demand changed, we added clinical nutrition, Applied Kinesiology and functional health through NIS (Neurological Integrative Systems). We are the only practice from Maine to North Virginia that offers the NIS work which sets us apart from other practices."

This work allows the doctors at the Holistic Center to identify the stressors to the nervous system, and by addressing these stressors (pathogen, chemical, metal, food, or scars), they can guide the body back to better health overall homeostasis.


Consultations take the time to look at all facets of one's life to determine any physical stressors as well. Whether it be the way a person sleeps, the ergonomics at work, their "workout", or their daily chores, it is important to know any repeated posture or position to help eliminate the cause.


Chemical stressors include food preservatives, food dyes, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and high fructose corn syrup just to name a few.


Environmental stressors include car exhaust, tree pollens, pesticides, and molds.

The range of treated conditions and patient ages might surprise those new to holistic services. Drs. Bien and Goldstein have treated infants and continue to advise and heal through adulthood. In fact, over the past 25 years, they have seen generations of families walk through their doors. Patient issues range from allergies and asthma, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, Lyme disease and other tick-borne conditions, pain and injuries from auto accidents or work, headaches, skin issues, sleep disorders, sports injuries, weight loss, and women's health.

People's age and health needs change throughout their life and so shoiuld their health management. Both doctors are trained and certified in Neurological Integration System (NIS), a groundbreaking approach to healthcare management, and are skilled to evaluate and treat many issues through a variety of healing options. Those choices include wellness programs, chiropractic, clinicial nutrition, NIS, and allergy relief.

This therapeutic combination of treatment is not only progressive, but provides all-inclusive health resources right under one roof. In addition to convenience, patients at the Holistic Center have the added value and distinctive advantage of one doctor addressing and personally understanding the full scope of their past, present, and future health needs.

The doctors at the Holistic Center are trained in many adjusting techniques so that each patient accessing their services has a health plan that is individually tailored to their needs. They pride themselves on the fact that they have built their practice on patient referrals. They do very little advertising and to them, the ultimate compliment is when a patient brings in their child to be seen. Because they have been in practice for 25 years, they see three generations of many families and that alone speaks for itself.