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Concussions Occur at All Ages and Athletic Levels

Concussions Occur at All Ages and Athletic Levels

A quick response and treatment is crucial for successful healing.

As Superbowl fever explodes this month, it begs the question, "Is a player's career really worth the long-term effects of the physicality of the game?" We watch and admire the athleticism of the pros today, but what we don't consider is what they went through to get to that professional level.

Concussions happen at all levels and ages, from Pop Warner to high school to college and the pros. So what does this mean for our children who play sports, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and football, who sustain a concussion?

A concussion is a bruise to the brain. It can affect how you think, your mood, how you feel, and focus. Chronic headaches are often the result of a concusssion as well as anxiety and depression. Most parents don't realize how imperative it is to get treatment as soon as the event occurs.

Here is a prime example:

Susan M. didn't know where to get her daughter, a gymnast, the help that she needed. She suffered a concussion and developed chronic headaches, depression, and anxiety. Her primary care doctor prescribed medication for her symptoms, but the headaches were progressing to the point that she couldn't last a whole day in school.

After a referral to the Holistic Center and treatment by Dr. Mike, she is finally getting the answers she and her daughter desperately needed.

"Thank God for Dr. Mike at the Holistic Center who did a very in-depth exam and diagnosed my daughter with Post Concussive Syndrome," Susan M. said.

"Since he has been treating her, her headaches are resolving, her depression and anxiety are improving, and I am seeing a glimmer of my daughter returning to herself. She is back at school and lasting all day and soon will be able to return to the sport she loves--gymnastics."

If you have a child who has suffered a concussion and just isn't themselves ever since, get them to see us.