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Healthy Strategies to Survive the Holidays

Healthy Strategies to Survive the Holidays

Each year, the holidays come and go, and we seem to fall into the same holiday trap. We overeat, drink too much, sleep less, and stress over how the holidays will fulfill all our expectations.

A good belly laugh produces endorphins and provides stress relief.

By the time New Year's arrives, we are overweight, exhausted, and worried about the bills that will soon arrive. This is a recipe for disaster that will no doubt lead to the breakdown of your health. Make this year different with these fabulous strategies for healthy holiday success.


Water is vital to wellness and immune defense. Start your day with an 8oz glass of water. This will boost your metabolism and fill you up!


Eat a small meal before going to a holiday party, so you are not famished when you get there. You will be able to make healthier choices if you are not hungry.


When shopping or doing errands, park your car far from the stores. Use the stairs over the elevator when possible. This will allow you to increase your steps and burn more calories. Continue with your exercise routine through the holidays. DON’T STRAY!


A good belly laugh produces endorphins and provides stress relief. These hormones boost immune health and your mood as well.


The body restores itself during sleep. Lack of sleep can be stressful an impact your immune system. Sleep provides and important foundation for health and energy. For most healthy people, these strategies fuel a recipe for a healthy holiday season. However, if you are struggling with chronic health challenges, this recipe may not be enough.

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